Sotto Le Stelle - Country - L'Artista

Ensuite bathroom and terrace

This restored room is situated in the restored Borgo I Ciacca overlooking our vineyard. We have chosen to retain here the simplicity of life once upon a time. No kitchens, wifi or televisions are available and guests are liable to be wakened at dawn when work starts in the vineyard. But the bed is comfortable, and there is heating/air conditioning and a modern,, elegant shower.

L'Artista is remote and guests will have to have a car to travel to eat all meals. So the accommodation is not suited to all - but for those who prefer solitude it offers a unique and truly restful experience and the opportunity to walk around the vineyard.

Personal service is important to us so we’ve introduced a new way for you to communicate with us and make reservations and arrangements. To enquire about availability and prices, please contact us on: If you would rather speak to someone in English or in Italian, just email with your preferred time and language and we will arrange a call to discuss your requirements.

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