Festaggiare (To Party)

Hospitality is second nature to the people of Val di Comino. Every visit to an Italian family risks becoming a party. Apart from every tasty morsel and bottle being brought to the table to share, music is always nearby.

The valley was the northermost part of  the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies but the southernmost part of the Ciocaria (that area south of Rome where the ancient “Cioce”  was  worn by both men and women alike. It’s made of a tough leather sole, bound to the foot and ankle by means of leather thongs. This traditional footwear was traditionally worn with long calze (socks) which reached up to the knee. They are still worn by the zampognari, musicians who travel around at Christmas playing the traditional zampogna, a kind of bagpipe.

Your visit to I Ciacca, Picinisco would not be complete without a visit from the Zampognari while you are eating and drinking.


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