Bespoke Events


Contact us to discuss that special event which you are planning.

If you require extra help and support locally with transport, flowers, gifts etc.we are here to help down to the tiniest detail.


Wine Tastings


  Newly built on the original site of the historic “palmento” at I Ciacca, our Cantina is state of the art.

Modern concrete tanks, thermostatically controlled on site and remotely allow the best conditions to be maintained for the fermentation, settling and preservation of our wines. They also mimic natural conditions permitting and encouraging the development of the local natural air born yeasts to be found on grapes which are essential to the natural fermentation of grape sugars to make the wine we so much enjoy..

  • Learn about the history of I Ciacca and of the truly indigenous Maturano grape.
  • Learn about our decision to make an organic wine and the work required to maintain not just the “Biological” Certificate but also the family tradition. 
  • Learn about the various ways we use to make our Maturano in different styles.
  • Touch to understand why we use concrete or stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels.
  • Taste our wines and help us to develop the style you prefer and make it one of the most prized wines to be found.
  • At harvest time, learn which grapes to pick and “festeggiare” with  the team afterwards.



Corporate Meetings




Satellite linked broadband allows international communication. Linked with unique breakout facilities in a tranquil historic setting Strategic Planning meetings and select corporate events and training experiences become very productive.




Sofia and Luigi’s was the first to be celebrated at I Ciacca for 100 years.

If you would like to discuss your special day with us we shall be delighted to help. Contact us and ask for “Sofia"



Tailored Parties



Lunch or Dinner?

Picnic, barbecue or formal?

Music - No/Yes - Traditional / Jazz?

Inside or outside?

Overlooking the vineyard or the mountains?






Small or Large, formal or informal - there is nothing quite like a concert in the fresh air - especially with a picnic and glass of wine to share!




“C’era una volta….”I Ciacca is the perfect environment to create the atmosphere of Once upon a time and to watch and join in traditional festivities


Art Exhibitions

Contact us to discuss your events. We work with local artists and sculptors as well as the Residenza Art Academy Project


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