Visit a Local Cheesemaker

Picinisco is renowned for its fresh air, mountain pastures, fresh water and the quality of its cheese. Pecorino di Picinisco (still made in the traditional way with raw, unpasteurised sheep's milk) is recognised with the qualification DOP. 

Goat's milk (like marzolino) and cow's milk cheeses (like caciacavalo)  are also made locally and worth searching out.

Some local cheesemakers have been awarded national prizes for their cheeses.

You can meet and taste most local cheeses during the august celebration La Pastorizia.

We can arrange a visit to a local cheesemaker so you can see and hear at first hand the process and care which goes into making our local cheeses. Naturally you will have to taste the cheese at their various stages of maturity and the famous ricotta!

If you are really interested we can also arrange that you spend a day in the mountains with a shepherd and his flock.