The Present

Born and brought up in Scotland, Cesidio’s nostalgia along with his desire to regenerate the area is the driving force behind the company. Cesidio wishes that the project at I Ciacca, together with other initiatives in the area will create employment and opportunites for the youth of the village.

Cesidio, his wife Selina and their children Sofia and Giovanni are excited about I Ciacca's future. Nonna Selina”s Kitchen is the cornerstone. Giovanni has Down's Syndrome, loves the farm and is our Star Host.

Sofia and her husband Luigi have taken on the role of marketing - when not distracted by the new baby addition to their family. Everyone has a say on winemaking to ensure we remain true to our philosophy.

The project for the restoration of I Ciacca won the Ursa prize in conjunction with the University of Milan in 2015 for “The Best project for a Better Tomorrow in Italy”.

  • Our vineyard is certified ORGANIC.
  • Our philosophy is genuine SUSTAINABILITY.
  • Our Cantina is STATE OF THE ART but pays tribute to our roots.
  • Our Boutique agriturismo/aparthotel/albergo diffuso Sotto Le Stelle defies description but is a “LITTLE GEM” according to Michelin.
  • Our Events and Meeting Space is set up for today’s needs in an ancient space.
  • Our Cookery School and Food Safaris need to be EXPERIENCED, and
  • Our Maturano WINES are fantastic and unique.


Renowned for its cheese, olive oil, wine and fruit, Picinisco enjoys its fresh air, proximity to nature, traditions and especially it’s links to its sons and daughters to be found throughout the world, but especially Scotland. Use Picinisco as your base to visit the treasures of this genuine, unchanging area - there is much to do and see.


Many young people continue to leave for University or to find work, but a growing number are choosing to return. In fact, Val di Comino remains uncontaminated and will soon be official recognised as the first “Organic District” (Biodistretto) in Lazio - thanks to the efforts of its young farmers.