Splendid Bike Rides

Picinisco and the surrounding Comino Valley offer unlimited and unrivalled road cycling with the benefit of outstanding scenery, excellent smooth road surfaces and without the menace of many cycling locations – busy traffic . One can often cycle for hours seeing only a few cars and confident in the knowledge that cyclists are respected on the roads in this region .

As one would expect given that Picinisco is situated at 720m half way up a mountain, cycling is challenging whether one sets off heading up or down.

Renowned for the quality of it’s air and the hospitality of the locals: rediscover this forgotten Valley.

Request our booklet where our cycling friends recommend possible routes from 50 to 105km - but there are obviously many other options which may involve much shorter routes.

Many challenging mountain bike routes are also available.

Excellent Bike Hire (including electric bikes) can be arranged, on request and storage is available.

But whatever you do on a bike from Picinisco you will have worked hard and (on reflection!) enjoyed it thoroughly deserving a visit to one of the bars in the Piazza to recover without guilt!