Feast days and Festivals

                                                                                                                         Festival delle Storie                                                                       Click here to get a flavour of the variety of celebrations to be experienced and enjoyed in Picinisco every year

Many of the towns and villages celebrate their patron saint throughout the year with enthusiasm. At Christmas there is a tradition in many of the towns, including Picinisco, of holding a Living Crib - ie the Nativity is played out in public by local people in costume; in Holy week the Way of the Cross again remembered with locals in costume; and other celebrations of Easter; the decoration of the streets with flowers for Corpus Christi; not to mention the Feasts of the Patron Saints of each Town and Village - all celebrated with enthusiasm.

In Picinisco, various festivals held throughout the year. Come and join us in celebrating these (and other smaller impromptu feste):

Festa degli Orapi (normally mid June); Enjoy a morning walk in the hills followed by a village party with traditional food, wine and music.

Pastorizia in Festival (9/10 August) coinciding with the Feast of San Lorenzo, Picinisco's Patron Saint. 2 days of education, entertainment and enjoyment celebrating the art and craft of the shepherd and cheesemakers;

"Le Feste" (18/20 August). These celebrations are a mixture of pious religious processions (both for the local community and by groups of pilgrims on their way from their homes 20-30 miles away to the Basicilca of the Madonna di Canneto) and music, eating and dancing reminiscent of medieval pilgrimages. The culmination is a fabulous Firework Display as you have never seen before. A riot of fireworks explode from the valley below to burst more or less at eye level with the sound echoing from the buildings behind.

Fesitval delle Storie  (end August/beginning September). This is an itinerant arts and literature festival which moves from town to town in Val di Comino

Soavita d'Autunno (end September/ beginning of October)