Explore Val di Comino

Académie Vitti, Atina Inferiore

Explore the story of the Parisian Art School founded by migrants from Val di Comino and the connection and tradition of artists’models and the Valley.

Archaeological Museum, Atina

Discover the Samnite and Roman periods of this area with a dedicated local tour guide and expert.


Santuario of the Madonna di Canneto


A pilgrimage to the Sanctuary  of the Madonna of Canneto,  whether by foot past Grotta Campanaro (it takes around 2-3 hours to reach it by foot) or by car past Settefrati, is an essential part of a visit to this ancient land. 



Botanical Garden, (Private - by appointment only)

Villa Latina

Learn about organic gardening, cultivation and plant uses whilst discovering the local wildlife in the independent gardens in Villa Latina.

Monte la Meta

Climb the impressive Monte la Meta with an expert guide and mountaineer. On a clear day, you can see both the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas from the summit.

Erborista Caira, Villa Latina - an award winning Herbalist

The easiest way to learn about the reality of plants used in natural remedies is to take a guided tour on the farms, where botanical and medicinal plants grow accompanied by a leading herbalist. This is an exclusive experience in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, before visiting the nearby laboratory and shop. This is an extraordinary opportunity to discover how much man and nature can be in harmony.

 Trek on Horseback in the Park

The Various Towns in Val di Comino 

What to See and do in Picinisco

  • Visit our vineyard and state of the art Cantina set in the restored ancient hamlet of I Ciacca - home to the Di Ciacca family for over 500 years. Learn about the local grapes and taste our Maturano wine made with the help of one of the world’s leading winemakers
  • Enjoy a walk around the Old Town – the medieval streets following the routes laid out 1,000 years ago. Most of the buildings were constructed in the 18th and 19th Centuries, although a few are more modern. Nearly all are occupied although most as second homes for the owners, who work in the cities or abroad.
  • For the more adventurous spend some time at Parco Avventura Indiana Park and learn about climbing safely or Hire an Electric Bike for an hour or more
  • The castle in Picinisco has four towers, the oldest called Torretta dates from the 11th century and was revealed during the Allies' 1944 bombing, as a larger tower was built around it n the 15th century.
  • Church of San Lorenzo, built in 1305 but repeatedly enlarged and restored; of great interest is the 11th century belltower, which maybe was a military sighting tower.
  • Church of San Rocco, from the 1800’s to be found in Piazza Ernesto Capocci
  • Church of Santa Maria, part of which certainly existed in the 11th Century, built on Roman foundations, and inside frescos from the XIV century.
  • The Roman Bridge, near the pathway “Ponte Le Branche”
  • The Famous springs of Fonte Scopella, fonte degli Schiavoni  and fonte di Santa Maria

And then the  various towns (comune) of Val di Comino has something different to offer - a different view, specialist shops and a slightly different history.

  • In Atina, the Palazzo Comnale, the Archaelogical Museum and Palazzo Visocchi, among others.
  • In Alvito the Palazzo Ducale and 17th-century Churches of Santa Teresa and San Simeone
  • In Campoli Appennino the 11th century Medieval tower
  • In San Biagio Saracinisco the Church of San Biagio (12th century)
  • In San Donato Val di Comino the old town, the 17th-century Church of Santa Maria and San Marcello, the 8th century Sanctuary of San Donato;
  • In Settefrati the Church of Santo Stefano (10th century), the Church of Madonna delle Grazie (17th century), with frescoes of Fra Alberico (on whose vision and manuscript, Dante wrote his Divine Comedy)
  • In Vallerotonda the 14th-century church of Santa Maria Assunta.