Art Academy

‘RESTAURA’ is an academic community based in the heart of the geographic centre of Italy and it is located at various locations throughout Val Di Comino. The primary location is ‘I Ciacca’ below Picinisco and comprises a set of domestic buildings, vineyards and olive groves. The setting is stunning with the hamlet itself forming an irregular, linear construction hugging a small valley on the mountain side. One side of the street is a vertiginous panorama of mountains the other a humane scaled dense woodland. The village has a strength of identity in spite of being dwarfed by its spectacular and rugged environment. The re- development of the village aims to retain the locales peaceful isolation which, together with the provincial Italian lifestyle and quality of life, may well give students and residents a taste of a more immediate way of life and perhaps inform new approaches to their work.


As an academic centre, the intention would be to provide programs of study validated as credits in a modular system recognised by the colleges of Art in America and the United Kingdom.

These programs would vary in duration and be conducted within the semester timetable allowing different groups from various colleges to attend at the same time. Running in parallel would be dedicated programs belonging to specifically named institutions. This would encourage a collegiate atmosphere involving staff from the named institutions as well as the permanent staff of the college abroad programs.

Programs would cover topics such as history and theory within an Italian and European context as well as more art and craft-based studies of normal college life.


There would also be an opportunity for a named artist to take part in a residency lasting between one week and two months.

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