We planted our first Maturano vines in 2013 under the supervision of our friend and winemaker Dr Alberto Antonini.

After more than 50 years being abandoned, our new vines produced their first harvest in 2017  coincidentally with the Millenium celebrations of Picinisco. Maturano is an indigenous, local white grape. Now, a few winemakers are starting to use this fantastic grape once again.

Picinisco was known for Maturano in an agricultural survey carried out by the government after the unification of Italy and another survey in th 1560s speaks of the excellent quality of white wine from Picinisco. An ampeological DNA study commissioned by us in 2017 proves the Maturano grape to be an ancient variety and with our parental links to any other known grape in the world.

Our aim is to offer Maturano wines in a variety of styles as we come to know and understand this exciting grape. these wines will be exclusively made from our organically grown grapes.

At the same time, we aim to produce a limited quantity of red wine using only organic grapes grown and sourced locally.

We use no pesticides or synthetic materials and we are have been awarded organic certification by ICEA - confirming that synthetic fertilisers or pest controls have never been used at I Ciacca.